So you want to start wearing makeup but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. This post will cover the basics of what you need to get started with makeup. By the end, you’ll know exactly what products you need and how to use them.

What is it for

  • With its help, you can cover up small problems and imperfections and make your good features stand out more.
  • You don’t have to look the same every day. Instead, you can try different styles and feel more attractive.
  • You will forget bad habits like licking and biting your lips, rubbing your eyes, and biting your nails. You will remember to save makeup.
  • It may seem strange, but taking care of your skin will improve its quality. You will be more careful in cleansing and moisturizing it. Cosmetics also help to protect the skin from harmful environmental factors such as sunlight, wind, and frost.

Ways to learn how to do makeup

You can learn from a professional makeup artist. These artists will teach you what kind of makeup to use and how to put it on. You can find these courses online or in person.

You can still learn new things by watching videos and reading articles, even though schools are closed.

professional makeup artist

Make sure to follow new trends. For example, sloppy makeup with a minimum of funds is now in fashion, which is very beneficial for a beginner.

You need to practice a lot. Just watching videos or looking at pictures is not enough. You have to try it out for yourself. Look at your face and find features similar to people who wear makeup well. Then, try to copy what they did.

What to buy

There is a rule for beginners who are starting to wear makeup: it is better to use less makeup and choose natural colors. You can gradually increase your makeup as you get more comfortable with it. Mascara, light shadows, blush, foundation, and natural lip gloss are enough to start with. Such a set will help improve your skin tone and make your face look open.

Anyone who decides to improve his appearance professionally, in addition to the listed means, must have the following means:

  • primer
  • eyeshadow base
  • concealer or corrector
  • highlighter
  • bronzer or bronzing powder

Pro Tips

  1. When applying foundation, start from the center of your face and move outwards.
  2. Applying concealer in a V-shape will help to hide bruises under the eyes better.
  3. When you put on blush, use soft strokes. The amount of blush you put on depends on the shape of your face.
  4. Bronzer can help make your face look softer. To do this, put it on the middle of your cheeks in a circular motion.
  5. The basis of face sculpting with a highlighter and bronzer lies in highlighting or darkening the face area. It is better to darken with a bronzer that has a matte texture.
  6. If you want your eyes to look bigger, use light shadows on the eyelid. Use a darker shade above the crease. Put a very light tone under the eyebrows.
  7. The color wheel can help you cover up imperfections. The shade will cover the one opposite in the color wheel. With this, you can quickly correct acne and redness.