We all know how important it is to keep our makeup brushes clean – after all, we use them on our faces daily! But sometimes, knowing how to wash them properly can be tricky. So here are some simple instructions to help you get the job done right.

Why wash them at all?

Imagine that the brushes are a towel you use to wipe your face. If you don’t want to spread bacteria, you must change it often. The same goes for makeup tools. If you don’t clean them, rashes can appear on your skin. Using the same brush every day when applying makeup can clog pores and cause acne and irritation.

How often to do it?

You should disinfect your brushes every time you use them with liquid textures like foundation, blush, or concealer. You don’t need to wash brushes for dry textures as often. For example, clean the brushes you use around your eyes twice a month. Clean all other brushes once a month.

How to wash brushes?

The material your brushes are made of is important. For example, synthetic brushes are less whimsical and can be cleaned with organic soap or eco-friendly dishwashing detergent. It is better to use gentle formulations like professional brush products or baby shampoo for natural brushes.

There are different ways to clean your brushes after using them to apply liquid textures. Wipes, spray, and oil can all work. Napkins are the most convenient because you can wipe the brush after each use. Oil is more difficult to use because you must apply it on a lint-free cloth, but it cleans more effectively. The spray is mainly for an antibacterial effect. You will need special shampoo and wipes or spray for everyday use.

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Some people clean their brushes with shampoo, shower gel, or laundry soap. We do not advise doing this because it can ruin the bristles. If you do not want to buy a special product, use baby shampoo or organic soap instead.

If you want to do everything at a professional level, we advise you to purchase a brush-cleaning mitt or mat. These are things made of silicone that help to clean the tool thoroughly.

To clean your brush, dampen it in the jet with the bristles down. Then squeeze detergent onto your hand and clean it against your palm in a circular motion. Be gentle, as if you were washing your hair. You can also gently touch the pile with your fingers to better clean it from the inside. Keep doing this until the water runs clear. If you use a wash mat, lay it on the bottom of the sink and pour a little detergent directly onto it. Then clean the brush on the ribbed surface in a circular motion.

Do not use a blow dryer on your brushes. If you randomly blow hot air on them, they will get messy. Instead, gently squeeze the water out of the brush with a napkin and place it on a special stand or clean towel. You can also lay the wet brush on its side on a surface covered with a towel. Let it dry in this position.